Organizational Diversity Processes, Systems, and Structure

Setting DEIB Goals

Setting DEIB goals can seem like a daunting task. Do you align them with your organization's overall goals? Are they separate goals? An effective data collection process with "clean" data can make DEIB goal setting much easier. In this 4-hour workshop, you will learn how to analyze your data to create a DEIB SWOT analysis that can help you set goals. Additionally, you will identify ways to align your goals to the four common organizational goal areas and how they should be cascaded throughout the organization. Lastly, you will leave the session with benchmarks and SMART DEIB goals that you can start implementing immediately.

Learning and Application Objectives:

1. Utilize a DEIB SWOT analysis to set goals.
2. Identify the different areas of organizational goals.
3. Implement the cascading goal process.
4. Establish benchmarks.
5. Develop DEIB SMART goals
  • Setting DEIB Goals
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed