Organizational Diversity Processes, Systems, and Structure

Diversity Data Collection

Good data can help differentiate between an effective and unsuccessful DEIB strategy. But how do you know what data is important? How do you know what data to collect? This workshop will provide you with the tools to identify which data to collect for the DEIB interventions. Additionally, this workshop will offer solutions for organizations needing robust data collection. Lastly, this 8-hour workshop will allow you to create your own employee diversity and belonging survey and create a comprehensive data collection plan that can be implemented right after the session.

1. Identify where your organization falls on the diversity development continuum.
2. Customize an employee diversity and belonging survey.
3. Set up a focus group for qualitative data.
4. Recognize the importance of people analytics.
5. Select the types of records needed to identify an organization’s pain points.
  • Diversity Data Collection
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed